Charlotte Motor Speedway's 29th season of Cook Out Summer Shootout action kicked off on Monday night, with Legend Car and Bandolero feature races joining an action-packed Mascot Mania go-kart race on the frontstretch quarter-mile oval. The fur-flying field was stacked with talent as Charlotte-area mascots Lug Nut, Chubby, Sir Purr, Champ, Homer, Minty and Boomer put the pedal to the metal to determine mascot supremacy. Lug Nut, the world's fastest mascot, took third as Sir Purr took the checkered flag following five laps of no-holds-barred mascot mayhem. An eventful night of competition continued with Bandolero and Legend Car features among seven different divisions. The Young Lions showed their skills on Monday, as Carson Haislip took the checkered flag following a spectacular feature event. “Man, I just kept telling myself to hold my line and then not worry what’s out back," Haislip said. "I knew he was coming and I knew I had to play some strategy there and we were able to come home. This is my first ever win here, so this is amazing." In the VP Racing Semi-Pro division, it was all Jadyn Daniels in the feature. “I think we can only go up from here, so I am super excited for this year and hopefully we can get some more wins,” Daniels said. The Masters division winner didn’t have to shake off too much rust, as Doug Stevens started the season with a win. “I have been working on these things forever and been out of the seat for a little while, but when I switched these tires it is a completely different feel and I think I always got that niche for that radial tire,” Steves said. Wrapping up the competition was the Boston Reid & Company Pro division, which saw past Pro champion Jordan Black add another victory to his resume. “It feels like home, you know. It has been probably 11 months since I have been out here,” Black said. The high-speed fun continues Tuesday as colorfully decorated, five-ton school buses will fly through the infield in a contest to see which local school principal has the biggest need for speed. Top 5 in each division of Monday’s races: Beginner Bandoleros: #5 Bryson Murphy, #2 Wyatt Coffey, #9 Jack Smith, #1 Gavin Holland, #38 Aidan Zschiedrich Bandit: #2 Hudson Canipe, #31 Darren Krantz Jr, #17 Ben Morabito, #24 Bryson Brinkley, #23 Beckham Malone Outlaw: #79 Neal Dulin, #19 Kaeden Ballos, #22 Randy Phillips, #06 Olivia Murray, #81 Hunter Jordan VP Racing Semi-Pro: #24 Jadyn Daniels, #28 Carson Brown, #64 Lucas Vera, #9C Michael Crafton, #82 Connor Zilisch Master: #77 Doug Stevens, #72 Robbie Woodall, #12 Robby Faggart, #58 Carl Cormier, #81 Lee Jordan Boston Reid & Company Pro: #14 Jordan Black, #67 Cameron Bolin, #71 Jake Bollman, #06 Garrett Lowe, #99 Landen Lewis.