Charlotte Motor Speedway hosted a thrilling, high-octane Tuesday night of Bojangles' Summer Shootout racing, as the future stars of motorsports returned to the world's premier grassroots racing event to deliver one of the year's most captivating nights of Legend Car and Bandolero action on the frontstretch quarter-mile. What started off as a relatively smooth night for In Light Wellness Legend Car Pro drivers turned wild in an eventful feature race that saw defending champion Jordan Black escape with a stirring and unexpected victory. Stevie Johns Jr. led the pack with Dawson Cram and Jared Irvan in tow at the start. On Lap 4, Irvan took the lead with Dawson Cram close behind, but Cram's bid for victory ended when he spun with 13 laps left. Irvan pulled away to a monstrous lead on the restart and appeared destined for the win, but he encountered a mechanical failure on the backstretch with five laps to go that reset the field for a memorable finish. A multi-car accident with two laps to go took out a slew of front-runners, including Dylan Faggart and Austin Green, and Black scooted away on the inside line to capture a stellar triumph with Michael Torres and John Holloman following close behind. "There was a whole bunch of mayhem," Black said of the late-race contact. "The 48 (Green) and a whole bunch of guys got together, and I chose the bottom, and for the first time in a while I was right. Luckily it's a self-cleaning race track. They went to the high side and I was right there (to get by)." The Bandolero Outlaws feature saw an action-packed fight for supremacy between Matthew Davey, D.J. Canipe and Blaise Maddox that saw the trio race nose-to-tail and trade the lead throughout the early stages. The battle came to a head with six laps to go, when Davey and Canipe made contact in Turn 3, Canipe went spinning and Davey emerged with the lead. Davey, nicknamed "Mad Dog," survived a late restart and held off Matt Emery and Tommy Good to score his second straight win. "We won last week and it was amazing, but this week we started 7th and I was so nervous," Davey said. "We get out there, I passed my teammate. I passed Tommy Good. D.J. Canipe was all over me. He got into me, he got sideways, I got sideways, and I kept it together. I thought my teammate was going to get me on that last restart, but I held him off. This is awesome. Two wins in a row." An exciting wrecker race presented by AAA of the Carolinas' Disconnect and Drive campaign saw local tow trucks battle it out for the victory in a two-round showdown of the fastest two-man wrecker teams picking up a car and carrying it across the frontstretch. Not one but two perfect rounds saw Mike Gatton and Gatton's Towing emerge with the impressive victory. Gatton's win came after an all-out final-round battle with Charlotte Motor Speedway track services. "This is real cool," Gatton said. "I was worried." The K1 Speed Legend Car Young Lions division was a heated race for all 20 laps. Sam Mayer was on the pole and led the first two circuits before Eddie Fatscher began to assert his power. Fatscher, who took home the win in Heat 2, registered a dominant feature victory after leading the latter half of the race and holding off Ashton Higgins and Vincent Midas. "First of all I have to thank Steven Ross Motorsports and my mom," said Fatscher. "It was a heck of a race, we had to just slowly work back up and hopefully get the win and we did." Tyler Truex - the cousin of Coca-Cola 600 winner Martin Truex Jr. - scored his first victory of the AAA Carolinas Legend Car Semi-Pro season after he held off Matt Mead in a frantic final 15 laps. Truex, who commutes to the speedway from New Jersey every week, said the travel wasn't an issue - especially after a long-overdue win. "It's all worth it when you get to come up to the top of the stage," Truex said. Other winners on the night included Parker Eatmon in the Beginner Bandolero Bandits feature, Robby Faggart in the Legend Car Masters division, Josh Kossek (Bandolero Bandits) and Matthew Davey (Bandolero Outlaws). Fans can find a free live stream of the Bojangles' Summer Shootout at, and as well as on the US Legend Cars YouTube channel starting at 7 p.m. each night. Unofficial Results: Beginner Bandolero Bandits (20 laps): 1. Parker Eatmon; 2. Caden Kvapil; 3. Grant Thompson; 4. David Sullivan 5. Santiago Hill; 6. Zack Miracle; 7. Tyler Bartoszewicz; 8. Adam Eades; 9. Truett Miranda; 10. Carter Lee; 11. Luke Cooper; 12. Logan Clark; 13. Jayson Didonna; 14. Stanley Hayes. Legend Car Masters (25 laps): 1. Robby Faggart; 2. Mark Green; 3. Carl Cormier; 4. Tom Sherman; 5. Scott Whitaker; 6. Todd Midas; 7. Jan Ingram; 8. Bruce Silver; 9. Jeffrey Lefcourt; 10. Les Miranda; 11. Jamie Smith; 12. Timothy Sipes; 13. David Green. K1 Speed Legend Car Young Lions (20 laps): 1. Eddie Fatscher; 2. Ashton Higgins; 3. Vincent Midas; 4. Giovanni Bromante; 5. Garrett Manes; 6. Roy Manes; 7. Sammy Smith; 8. Alex Verhagen; 9. Hailie Deegan; 10. Austin Geer; 11. Steven Chapman; 12. Isabella Rubusto; 13. Daniel Wilk; 14. Ryan Heim; 15. Carson Kvapil; 16. Sam Mayer; 17. Brodie Pope; 18. Gracie Trotter. Bandolero Outlaws (20 laps): 1. Matthew Davey; 2. Matt Emery; 3. Tommy Good; 4. Isaak Love; 5. Triston Lesik; 6. Justin Gareis; 7. Liz Montgomery; 8. Blaise Maddox; 9. D.J. Canipe; 10. Garrett Lowe; 11. Dylan Notaro; 12. Jordan Plummer; 13. Trevor Wester; 14. Cameron Johnson. AAA Carolinas Legend Car Semi-Pro (25 laps): 1. Tyler Truex; 2.Matt Mead; 3. Gus Dean; 4. Scott Joy; 5. Grant Winchester; 6. Craig Biryla; 7. Ryan Polenz; 8. Jacob Heavner; 9. Jack Fread; 10. Nolan Pope; 11. Dustin Rumley; 12. Josh Plummer; 13. Ryo Ogata; 14. Holden German; 15. Jordan Stillwell; 16. Jessica Dana; 17. Matt Moermond; 18. Nick Landi; 19. Garrett Biggers; 20. Nate Tretow; 21. Jensen Jorgensen. Bandolero Bandits (20 laps): 1. Cameron Bolin; 2. Josh Kossek; 3. Landon Rapp; 4. Bryson Ruff; 5. Josh Speas; 6. William Robusto; 7. Conner Jones; 8. Jason Champman; 9. Jaiden Reyna; 10. Tyler Champman. In Light Wellness Legend Car Pros (25 laps): 1. Jordan Black; 2. Michael Torres; 3. John Holleman; 4. Stevie Johns Jr.; 5. Austin Green; 6. Dawson Cram; 7. Chase Purdy; 8. Dylan Faggart; 9. Jared Irvan; 10. Michael Dabney Jr.; 11. Alex Pacheco. TICKETS: Tickets, which cost only $8 for adults and FREE for kids 13 and under, can be purchased at the gate or in advance by calling 800-455-FANS or online at Check local Bojangles' locations for a $2 off coupon. Fans can also watch half-hour weekly Bojangles' Summer Shootout shows on MAVtv. KEEP TRACK: Follow all the thrilling Bojangles' Summer Shootout action using the hashtag #LetsBoRacing. 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